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Development and leading of interior design

Unlike the companies, developing inline projects, design studio «Adisord» places stake on the absolute uniqueness and considered ergonomics of the developed interior. Planners and designers every time «get into» the created project that allows to arrange internal space with the maximum comfort supplemented by expressive interior esthetics. Everything is thought out to the smallest details — from general plan solution to decoration. Designers of «Adisord» studio will try to do everything to surprise you!

Schematic Design

  • Preparation and approval of technical design specification
  • Creation of photo collations (collages) for determination of general stylistic direction
  • Photofixation
  • Plan of measuring
  • Dismantling plan of existing partition-walls and constructions
  • Erecting plan
  • Development of space-plan solution
  • Arrangement plan of furniture with their overall dimensions (2 options)

Detail project

  • Explanatory note


Space – Planning decisions

  • Plan of measurements before reconstruction
  • Plan measurements after reconstruction
  • Dismantling plan and construction of partitions
  • Space – Planning decision
  • Arrangement plan of furniture with their overall dimensions
  • Arrangement plan of plumbing equipment


Process design

  • Floor plan with specification of used materials – photo-collection
  • Plan of heated floors
  • Ceiling plan; section of ceiling in unique sections (levels)
  • Plan of door pull
  • Door schedule
  • Redecoration plan of walls
  • Wall elevation according to necessary (unique) sections



  • Lighting plan — location of devices
  • Lighting plan — point of connection
  • Layout design of rosettes
  • Development drawings according to necessary sections
  • Wall elevation according to necessary (unique) sections



  • Table of floor spaces, ceilings and walls
  • Table of finishing materials
  • Specification of plumbing equipment


Term of implementation of the outline design project

The term of realization varies from 14 to 21 working days.
In the process of outline stage, the individual layout and approximate space- planning solution of future project is formed in drawings.

Term of implementation of detail project

The term of realization varies from 1 to 2 months.