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Company profile

Architect bureau «ADISORD» — is 10 years of successful work in the field of integrated design for 3D environment. During this time we gained invaluable experience and impressive list of ready works for demonstration to the customer.


Professional activities

Today we construct projects for building, surface infrastructure development and decoration of any type of objects. The main direction is the design of the interiors and exteriors of premium using unique design ideas. Projects are permitted in the format «key ready», including layout of bits of furniture that is domestic equipments, lighting and plumbing fixtures.



Using advanced information technologies, our bureau works with clients around the world. Our engineers have designed variety of projects in Russia, Italy, Turkey, France, Latvia and other developed countries. Tried and tested scheme of remote solution of technical requirements allows the customer to get all the materials in a convenient digital format.



Our company has long-time partnership relations with leading furniture manufacturers in Italy. This allows us to offer accommodation’ owners a wide variety of high-class designer furniture saleable at exclusive prices of direct deliveries.

The advantages of cooperation with our team

  • Absolute competence of each professional in profession-oriented issues;
  • Ability to generate original ideas with masterful implementation in the form of drawings, calculations, sketches;
  • Knowledge of the full instrument’s range, necessary for creation of perfect projects of various categories;
  • Ability to find out precisely desires of the customer with further adaptation of inquiries under objective conditions;
  • Compliance with terms and all obligations;
  • Flexible rates for all types of services

Our team

Art director
3D Visualizer
Web administrator