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Our approach

Cooperation with customers

Thorough understanding of customer’s requirements and their realization in practice is our main task, for decision of which, the long-term experience and ability of productive dialogue with different people, is used. If our client knows exactly what he wants, it means that the most difficult part – drawing up of technical design specification is done from the beginning. In the course of work we construct not only practical attractive interior or project of comfortable house, but talented designers within collective creativity realize your dream by getting into the specific situation by using designer and topological potential of the corresponding object. Diversity of truly bright creative treatments became corporate style of our work.



Optimum doses of creativity

As for our professional imagination allowing to develop unique solutions, in this case, we are fully geared to client’s wishes. Some customers prefer conservatism in everything beginning from the style of furniture and ending with location of interior items. The second group of customers consists of people who want to bring into the surrounding space creative component which allows you to personalize the interior with the creation of refined exclusive aesthetics.

Our principles

We do not work with customers who do not know what they want. If the owner of the premises completely indifferent to its surface infrastructure development, probably, we will simply refuse to work. We don’t do sample tasks with which any freelancer practicing decoration will cope.
Our scope of activity is productive creative search for original solutions which is conducted together with the customer, the result of which becomes comfortable space with the highest interior esthetics.